Privacy Statement    

At Quadion Corporation / Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (referred to in this document as "Quadion"), we recognize that privacy for information shared over the internet is an important concern. By visiting, and (along with their subsequent pages), you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Statement.

What information will Quadion obtain from me?
Information collected by Quadion is divided into two categories:

1. Information supplied by the site visitor. This includes information that you enter into one of our pages as you communicate back to us. Examples of this information include your name, company name, address, comments and passwords used to access this site.

2. Information supplied by your internet browser session. To ensure accuracy and privacy, Quadion will collect information commonly transmitted by your browser as you access our site. This information is used to assist in routing you through our site, and ensuring that the information displayed on the site is directed back to your specific browser. The information is not stored for any length of time beyond your visit to our site, or "session." Examples of this type of information include your computer's IP address, your remote user name (login name), and browser version.

What information will be displayed on these pages?
The information displayed on the Order Center is information about the order history and status for orders with our customers. Customers will only be able to view their own information and will not be able to edit the information displayed. The entire site is "view only."

How does Quadion's Order Center site display only my company's information?
Quadion's Order Center uses a combination of technologies to authenticate you through multiple servers to retrieve all of the pieces of information needed to assemble the Order Center page content. No one page's content comes directly from one server; for performance and security reasons the information has been broken up across several different servers.

When you log into the Order Center with your user name and password, our servers record session information attached to your browser, and link the information to your login information. This information is held on our servers for the duration of your visit to our site and will expire if not used within a set amount of time. If the "session" expires, you will be redirected to the login screen and asked to resupply your login information, to ensure security.

Who else has access to my login information?
No one. The account information supplied to your company is for your company's use only and is unique to your company. For that reason, we recommend that you share this login information only with persons at your company who require access to this site. Our Order Center administration team can retrieve and reset passwords only if a person from your company contacts us to request this information. These requests must come from our Order Center web page form and must contain a valid email address or phone number. These items will be verified prior to distribution of password information to ensure security.

Will Quadion share my contact information with other companies?
No. We never share or distribute your contact information to other companies unless you ask us specifically to do so.

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